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While Barnacopia wasn’t originally intended to be a “wedding venue”, we’re overjoyed that it has become one of the go-to wedding barns in Illinois! Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure to host hundreds of weddings and we’re looking forward to several more for years to come!

We can accommodate up to 400 guests. You’re welcome to your choice of vendors, and we have a list of caterers we love and recommend!

When you host your wedding at Barnacopia, the ceremony can be located anywhere inside or outside of the barn. Some popular outdoor spots outside are by the willow tree and on the patio. If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding, and the weather does not cooperate, the barn is large enough so you can easily bring your ceremony inside as a plan B. The barn is all yours for the full weekend of Friday-Sunday, so your family can come set up the day before, and you can enjoy gift opening and brunch at the Barn the following day before teardown.

We’re also proud to offer plenty of space for the wedding party to get ready the day of the wedding at the barn! The 3rd floor of the barn and the top floor of The Silo are popular spots! These spaces provide beautiful photo opportunities while getting ready and can easily separate the bride and groom from seeing each other prior to the ceremony.

Due to the large size of the barn, you’re able to set up and decorate the space in lots of different ways so you can figure out what you like best! However, if you don’t want to do much decorating of your own, you don’t have to. Our barn is decorated beautifully with trees and vines that are lit up with string lights all year long.

When you host your wedding and/or reception at Barnacopia, you'll enjoy a complimentary stay in the two guest rooms in The Silo!

Please give us a call for pricing and booking information: (815) 284-8484. You can also send us an inquiry through our Contact page.

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